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Variable Hand Held Air to Electronic Gauges

Variable Hand Held Air to Electronic Gauges

Variable Hand Held Gauges are used to indicate the deviation of one or more characteristics from a designated feature of size, dimension, or datum. When a variable gauge is used to measure a given feature, the actual numerical value can be read and documented as a known value.

These hand held gauges are used in applications where a Variable Fixture Air to Electronic Gauge cannot be used to hold the part and portable gauging units are required.

The Variable Hand Held Air to Electronic Gauges are designed using variable gauging technology and Air to Electronic Converters and built to be robust in nature to live on the manufacturing floor next to the machine. This will allow immediate feedback to the operator to maintain process control.

Key Benefits
  • High resolution and multiple circuit capability.
  • Non-contact inspection when inspecting parts that have a critical surface finish or soft part material.
  • Strong and reliable performance in harsh manufacturing environments.
  • Hand-held/portable gauging.
  • Ergonomic devices reduce operator fatigue in Part Load/Unload process.
  • Gauging units apply directly to part manually or with custom actuators.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.